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Chris - Quincy, MA

​"Kathy’s presence in my family’s life made all the difference as my Aunt and Uncle entered into the challenging aspects of the aging journey. Kathy’s professional and personal standards provided the highest level of compassionate care for my Aunt and Uncle. She oversaw their care in manner that was consistent with the high standards of our family. She took my Aunt and Uncle into her heart and this made all the difference in the quality of the care that was provided to them."

Marsha - Burlington, MA

"​Kathy, I love how you could see and appreciate the people my parents were before they became so confused. Thank you for taking good care of them. We knew we could count on you to do what needed to be done and let us know when to intervene. Thank you for everything."

Anne - Melrose, MA

​"You made an important difference in the life of our family and the quality of life for our parents. Thank you again for not only care FOR our parents but also caring ABOUT them."

Heidi - Malmö, Sweden

"Kathryn provided an indispensable support for us and our father. As we siblings all live at great distances, it was a relief to know he was in such good hands. I recommend her highly without hesitation."

Sister - Chapel Hill, NC

"Kathy has been supporting my brother for seven years. She did an initial assessment and recommended care plan for him that has improved his quality of life. Because I am remote, I rely on Kathy’s judgment to advocate for him on my behalf and I trust her to act in his best interest. She is a trusted advisor to our family."

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