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Our Services

Geriatric Care Management

We serve our clients and their families by assessing, planning, coordinating, and monitoring geriatric care, an often complex and daunting task for those in an already stressful time. We take a holistic approach to our work, keeping clients and their loved ones informed, providing answers, and guiding decision-making to ensure quality care. 

Patient Advocacy

We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients, as a trusted partner, advocate, and teammate. Our goals mirror the goals of our clients and their loved ones, ensuring the best possible care, informed decision-making, and certainty at an uncertain time. We're on your side when you need it most. 

Care Plan Consulting

Sometimes there is misalignment between the medical care older adults want and the medical care they actually receive. We work to help our clients and their families make sense of complex issues and interface with medical professionals to ensure that the care delivered is in line with our clients' best interests and long-term goals. 

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